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The Ultimate Guide to The 405L Dual Zone Wine Fridge for Wine Connoisseurs

Do you ever find yourself scrambling to find the perfect bottle of wine for your dinner party, only to discover that it’s been sitting at the wrong temperature and tastes like vinegar? Or maybe you’ve invested in a high-end bottle of Cabernet, only to open it and realize it’s been ruined by fluctuations in temperature and humidity? Look no further than the 405L Glass Door Upright Dual Zone Wine Fridge – the solution to all of your wine woes. 

With precise temperature control, a sleek glass door, and dual zone technology, this glass door fridge will not only elevate your wine-drinking experience but ensure that each and every bottle is enjoyed to its fullest potential. Let’s raise a glass to the 405L and a future of perfectly chilled, perfectly aged wines.

Embraco Inverter compressor

Have you ever experienced the frustration of a noisy fridge interrupting your wine-tasting experience? Well, with this glass door fridge, equipped with an Embraco Inverter compressor, that will never be a problem again!

Not only does this state-of-the-art technology make the fridge virtually silent, but it also reduces energy consumption by a whopping 40%! That’s right, you can enjoy perfectly chilled wine while also being eco-friendly.

Say goodbye to clunky, noisy refrigerators that can distract from the delicate flavors of your favorite vintage. With the 405L Dual Zone Wine Fridge, you can relax and enjoy your wine in peace, knowing that the Embraco Inverter compressor is hard at work behind the scenes, keeping your wine at its optimal temperature without wasting energy.

Not only does the Embraco Inverter compressor ensure a quieter and more energy-efficient experience, but it also adds to the overall sleek and modern design of the fridge. With a stylish exterior and state-of-the-art technology, the 405L Dual Zone Wine Fridge is the perfect addition to any wine-lover’s home.

Light On/Off, Color & Brightness Control

If you’re someone who appreciates the beauty of a well-stocked wine fridge, then you’ll know that the perfect lighting can really make a difference. Fortunately, the 405L Glass Door Upright Dual Zone Wine Fridge has you covered in this department.

With the LIGHT ON/OFF, COLOR & BRIGHTNESS CONTROL feature, you have the power to set the mood and create an atmosphere that perfectly complements your collection. Whether you’re entertaining guests or simply admiring your own personal selection, this wine fridge offers an impressive range of options to help you set the tone.

Imagine turning off the lights and basking in the soft glow of your favorite color as you enjoy a glass of Pinot Noir. Or, if you’re in the mood for something a little livelier, switch on the color-changing lights and watch as your upright dual zone wine cooler sparkles and shimmers in a rainbow of hues.

And if that wasn’t enough, the BRIGHTNESS CONTROL feature means you can adjust the intensity of the lighting to suit your mood. So, whether you’re looking for a soft and subtle ambiance or a bold and dramatic effect, the Upright Dual Zone Wine Fridge has you covered.

General Information:

Are you a wine connoisseur looking to take your wine game to the next level? Look no further than the 405L Dual Zone Wine Fridge. With a massive 405 liter volume, this fridge can hold up to 167 bottles (136 with the 3 display shelves option), making it perfect for storing even the largest of wine collections.

And not only is it spacious, it’s also versatile. With built-in or freestanding installation options and front venting, you have the freedom to place it wherever suits you best. And with 14 standard beech wood wine shelves on ball bearing rollers, you can configure your storage options to fit your collection perfectly.

But the real star of the show here is the fridge’s temperature control. With an adjustable temperature range of 5-15°C in the upper zone and 7-18°C in the bottom zone, you have the ability to store both reds and whites at their ideal temperatures. And with a range of 0°C to 38°C, this fridge can handle even extreme temperature fluctuations in your home or storage space.

And don’t worry about any annoying humming or buzzing ruining your wine experience – this fridge has a noise level of less than 40dB, so you’ll barely even notice it’s there.


Are you a wine connoisseur looking to elevate your wine experience to new heights? Look no further than the Dual Zone Wine Fridge! This sleek and stylish fridge boasts a range of features that will leave your wine collection looking and tasting its absolute best.

First up, the Embraco Inverter compressor ensures that your wine is kept at the perfect temperature at all times. No more worrying about your wine spoiling due to inconsistent temperatures – this fridge has got you covered. And with the digital thermostatic control, you can easily adjust the temperature to suit your wine collection.

The low noise 12 volt circulating fans ensure that your wine is cooled evenly throughout the fridge, without any annoying buzzing or whirring noises. Plus, the energy-friendly LED lighting (in a stylish blue hue) provides the perfect ambiance for showcasing your prized bottles of wine.

Speaking of showcasing, the glass door with stainless steel frame is not only stylish but also allows you to easily see your wine collection at a glance. And with the security lock feature, you can rest assured that your wine is safe and secure at all times.


Now, let’s talk about size, shall we? We all know that size matters when it comes to wine fridges. No one wants to invest in a fridge that can’t even accommodate their wine collection. Luckily, the Dual Zone Wine Fridge has got you covered!

With a net weight of 141 kgs and unit size of 598Wx 685D x1825H mm (including 20mm stand feet), this fridge offers ample storage space for your favorite wine bottles. But wait, there’s more! This fridge comes with additional minimum space requirements for built-in applications, but it’s not required. However, we recommend that you give it a little breathing room – 20mm on either side, 10mm on top, and 20mm at the rear. Trust us; your wine will thank you for it.


If you are looking for the perfect companion to your beloved wine collection, the 405L Glass Door Upright Dual Zone Wine Fridge is the way to go. Not only does it offer ample storage space for your precious bottles, but it also provides the ideal environment for them to age gracefully and develop their flavors to perfection. 

With its sophisticated dual-zone cooling system, stylish design, and state-of-the-art technology, this fridge will take your wine experience to new heights. So, whether you are a wine connoisseur, an avid collector, or simply someone who enjoys a good glass of wine every now and then, investing in the 405L Glass Door Upright Dual Zone Wine Fridge is the ultimate game-changer. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!


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