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How to Choose Dual Zone Under bench Wine & bar Fridge Combo

Do you love wine? Do you enjoy beer? If so, you’ll want to make sure that your Wine & bar Fridge is well stocked with plenty of delicious beverages at all times. Follow along as we count down our picks for the top 10 reasons to buy Wine & bar Fridge today. As always, we’ll include links and information about current prices and specs, so check back frequently if you’re on the fence about making this purchase right now!

Wine & Bar Fridge

These two words don’t sound like they go together, but Wine and Bar Fridges are an amazing way to store your wine at home. Wine and Bar fridges, also known as compact refrigerators or drink fridges, keep wine at optimal temperatures for drinking. If you own a bottle of wine that you’d like to drink, but is still a bit too warm, a small Wine and Bar Fridge will help solve that problem. You can chill a bottle of white or red until it’s perfectly cool. Unlike a regular refrigerator where food often comes first before drinks, these units have special slots designed just for wine bottles so you can have both in one space.

Temperature Control

Temperature control is very important when storing wine. There are two key temperatures to be aware of: cellar temperature and serving temperature. Cellar temperatures should be between 50-55 degrees F, while serving temperatures should stay above 60 degrees F. By using a Wine & Bar Fridge, you’ll make sure your bottles remain cool enough without freezing your other foods inside your refrigerator.

Display Light

When you’re hosting a party, having good lighting is essential. Nothing kills a good time like trying to set up for dinner in near-darkness. You can install recessed lighting in your ceiling, or try bar lights on your countertops if space allows. Either way, make sure there’s ample light throughout your kitchen before your next big shindig.


A wine and beverage refrigerator needs to keep drinks and food at their optimal temperatures. Many models range from 41° F (5° C) up to 64° F (18° C). This temperature is ideal for white wines, red wines, beer, and food such as fruit, cheese, eggs, or chicken. These units often have temperature controls that can be set anywhere between 40° F (4° C) and 68° F (20° C), which means you can store a wide variety of products. Typically, units with an adjustable thermostat do not hold as steady a temperature as units with fixed temperatures; if you want a perfect glass of chilled white wine every time, look for a unit with a fixed temperature.

Bottle Holders

The ideal temperature range for storing red wine is between 60 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. If your home is on the cooler side, or if you tend to drink red wine over white, look for a model with preset temperatures of 55, 58, 61, and 64 degrees. For champagne, stick to 44 degrees—too warm and it will lose its fizz; too cold and it will freeze. White wines can be stored at 50 or 54 degrees while beer requires more than just temperature control. A full fridge maintains an even lower temperature than one that’s half-full. One option is a draft system that keeps beer cans at 41 degrees while another is an active cooling system that regulates temps within one degree.

Temperature Range

In terms of temperature, wine & beer fridges can keep your wine at a constant 18-20 degrees Celsius. Perfect for white wines which you want to be at a cooler temperature, but warmer than reds which should be kept closer to 13 degrees Celsius. The great thing about wine and beverage fridges is that they also include other options such as an integrated bottle and glass rack and USB port so you can charge your phone or other devices while enjoying a nice drink. These fridges come in all shapes and sizes so if you’re looking for one with more room for bottles check out our 300L model or if you just want enough space for two glasses check out our 150L model.

Built-in Display Lights

The inside of your wine fridge doesn’t need to be dark, thanks to built-in display lights. With adjustable brightness settings, you can find that perfect soft glow for displaying your wine bottles. If you don’t like backlighting, simply turn off individual lights. Locking Doors: Your biggest asset is probably what you store in your wine refrigerator—wine! To make sure no one gets their hands on it without your permission, opt for a locking door on your next purchase. You can also do away with keyholes altogether and opt for digital door locks instead; they’re just as effective but are much easier to use when entering or exiting with a few bottles of Chardonnay in hand.

Adjustable Shelves

One of Dual Zone Under bench Wine & bar Fridges’ key features is its adjustable shelves. You can move these up and down, depending on how tall or short your wine bottles are. So if you have a variety of wines in your collection, you can adjust these shelves accordingly. This is a very unique feature that gives you complete control over your storage space.


If you’re looking for a durable wine and beverage cooler, invest in one with a good warranty. As with all appliances, electronic parts can fail over time or become defective due to defects in workmanship. If you notice your refrigerator is leaking water from under the door, it may be worth contacting customer service for repair or replacement. Depending on where you purchased your wine and beverage cooler, they may offer a lifetime warranty on all parts—which gives customers an added incentive to buy their product because they know it will last a long time. One great example of a company that offers high-quality products and helpful customer service is Vinotemp – check out their selection of wine refrigerators here!


Ok, you’ve gotten all of your ducks in a row and have created a solid plan of action. Next, it’s time to execute! Take each one of these tasks and complete them as efficiently as possible. Before you know it, your business will be up and running! If you want to buy Dual Zone Under bench Wine & bar Fridge Combo, you should go for KingsBottle as they offer the best wine fridges at affordable prices.


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