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Be Aware To Buy A Wine & Beverage Coolers

An essential storage unit for your bar, a wine cooler has many benefits with regards to your wine. However, there are a plethora of mistakes you can make from installation to cleaning and many more. Let’s explore the common mistakes you can make when purchasing a wine cooler. Also, it is necessary to circumvent these mistakes to have a well-built wine and beer cooling system.

Mistake 1. Buy a wine cooler that won’t lock

A lockable wine cooler is required to keep the cooler less accessible to children to keep the wine at a suitable temperature. If you lose your purchase of an unlocked unit, you are likely to experience a wine spill, and anyone accessing your wine cooler at any time to get drinks is making the system a mess. A closed wine cooler is useful for guests who want to keep their wine for a long time.

Mistake 2. Buy a small size wine cooler

A smaller cooler can be compact, but you should always choose a larger unit if you want to store 20 bottles of wine. The large wine cooler will be spacious enough to store many bottles as well, avoiding any kind of collision or damage. For a large number of units of wine for your next party, don’t make the mistake of buying a smaller set just because it’s cheaper. Always buy advanced wine coolers to help operate according to the needs of the main refrigeration unit.

Mistake 3. Turn the wine cooler upside down

This can be a fatal mistake one could make and cause the wine cabinet to malfunction. Avoid turning it upside down in a frenzy, as this could affect the performance of the cooling system. Do not tip the system after transportation to move it around your home. Get someone to help if you transport your wine cooler to a new location or purchase the coolers that come with free home delivery, with installation services to avoid the potential dangers of a wine cooler.

Mistake 4. Unnecessary weathering to excessive heat

Wine coolers are sensitive to the sun and so is wine. Direct sunlight can damage wine by altering its natural flavor. Excessive sunlight can also damage the outer skin of the cooling unit. Also, the more the coolant is exposed to sunlight, the chances are that the temperature will drop, leading to higher energy consumption.

This can cause the radiator to stop working normally. To fix this problem, install your wine in a dark location with minimal or no sunlight for the fruitful performance of the chillers. If sunlight is unavoidable instead, look for a wine cooler with a UV-resistant door so your system won’t break down due to sun exposure.

Mistake 5. Placing the wine & beer cooler close to wall

Most of the time, wine coolers produce an amount of heat and this hot air requires room to crumble because the main objective of having a wine cooler is to cool the wine bottles. Wine coolers come with interior vents, and the big mistake you may end up with is connecting your wine cooler on any wall that slows down the system cooling process. 

This makes the cooling system work much harder and eventually consume more energy. At the same time, the cooler begins to overheat, causing the temperature inside the freezer to change and even turning off the wine cooler. Consequently, give the radiator 5 inches of space at the back and between adjacent walls and avoid keeping it indoors.

Mistake 6. Frequent closing and opening of wine & beer refrigerator door.

Wine and beer coolers are sensitive to changes in temperature and repeated opening and closing of the doors can cause problem. Apart from the risk of damaging your wine and beer bottles, a wine cooler has to work harder to keep the hot or cold air it lets in. Allowing hot air to enter the radiator causes condensation obstacles and a thick layer of mist forms inside the radiator.

Another mistake you could make is keeping wine cellar doors open. If you do not close the door properly after removing the wine bottle, the wine cooler will not vacuum and it will be difficult to expel cold air. Then you may end up risking having a wine cooler that consumes more energy and doesn’t keep your wine fresh.

Mistake 7. Set the wrong temperature

Different wines require different temperatures. If you want it to taste good, you need to set the chiller to the proper temperature for your wine. Many wine coolers have a calibration setting inside of them so you can adjust the temperature accordingly.

The main factor to consider before calibrating the temperature is taking into account the outside humidity. Based on this, you can set the coolant thermostat to a lower level. Adjusting the temperature for certain wines is easier with dual-zone wine coolers because they come with two separate cooling zones with independent temperature control. If you want to store two different types of wine, avoid making the mistake of buying a single region wine cooler.

Mistake 8. Need to clean and maintain your wine cooler

Cleaning is mandatory for the efficient operation of any system, it is necessary to clean the interior and exterior of the wine cooler to maintain its performance without any complaints. The first mistake may be missing to clean the coolant once you buy it. Cleaning the inside surface of the fridge with a soft cloth and warm water ensures that nothing affects the quality of the wine.

Make sure to clean the condenser every six months to remove any dust in the system. Avoid using harmful detergents to clean the outside of the cooler as they can damage the shiny surface of the cooler. Also, avoid using flammable liquids to clean the coolant as they could be dangerous to the system and to you too.


These are some of the basic mistakes that anyone can make when purchasing a Wine & Beverage Cooler. Be proactive in preventing your wine cooler from breaking down and maintain it regularly in order to appreciate the effective operation of the system.

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